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We are a team of professionally qualified consultants, using the latest academic insights from behavioural science to design revolutionary strategies for customer, employee and citizen engagement.

We advise governments, corporations and non-profits in strategic innovation and change management, organisational culture and development as well as marketing and sales projects, focussing throughout on human judgement and decision making.

We are convinced that understanding, interpreting and shaping what drives human behaviour should be at the heart of every strategy.




Our services span across four clusters. We deliver insightful behavioural analyses, provide innovative strategic advise, design impactful choice architecture and offer practical articulations of academic insights for private, public and non-governmental organisations. Whether you look for a partner to take the lead and implement an end-to-end project on-site, search for innovative behaviourally informed inputs from subject matter experts, or simply desire to educate your team about key behavioural insights, we are the right partner for you.

Affective Advisory Behavioural Analysis Behavioral Research


We plan, conduct and deliver insightful market, customer and employee analyses focussed on behavioural and contextual variables.
Behavioural Market and Consumer Research

Affective Advisory Behavioural Advise Behavioral Consulting


We provide innovative strategic advise to decision makers leading to effective behaviour change of target individuals and groups.
Behavioural Strategy Consulting

Affective Advisory Behavioural Architecture Behavioral Nudging


We design impactful choice architectures, using contextual features to nudge individuals and groups towards more desirable behaviours.
Behavioural UX and UI Design

Affective Advisory Behavioural Articulation Behavioral Information


We offer clear and practically oriented articulations of behavioural insights in the format of tailored trainings, workshops and presentations.
Behavioural Trainings and Workshops




We believe that every strategy must put human behaviour at the centre of attention. Individual decision making processes and contexts have to be considered holistically in order to successfully address and sustainably change a target group's behaviour. With our innovative five-step D.R.I.V.E.® framework, developed in collaboration with leading behavioural science professionals and academics, we help organisations to define and research relevant behaviours and contexts, identify suitable science-backed solutions, validate impact and execute behavioural interventions on scale.

Affective Advisory D.R.I.V.E. Behavioural Advise Behavioral Advice Consulting Framework D.EFINE


We help you understand your strategic challenge and define the required target behaviours.

Affective Advisory D.R.I.V.E. Behavioural Advise Behavioral Advice Consulting Framework R.ESEARCH


 We research how specific contexts affect the defined behaviours and ultimately your  objectives.

Affective Advisory D.R.I.V.E. Behavioural Advise Behavioral Advice Consulting Framework I.DENTIFY


We identify suitable science-backed solutions relevant to observed behaviours and contexts.

Affective Advisory D.R.I.V.E. Behavioural Advise Behavioral Advice Consulting Framework V.ALIDATE


We create tailor-
made behavioural interventions
and validate them with controlled trials.

Affective Advisory D.R.I.V.E. Behavioural Advise Behavioral Advice Consulting Framework E.XECUTE


We realise your objectives by executing suitable and validated interventions across your organisation.



Global knowledge and experience delivered locally

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We strive to contribute to a better society by helping people understand the complex nature of human behaviour and decision making. Based on scientific insights from experimental economics, social psychology and cognitive science, we use actionable frameworks to understand, interpret and shape behaviours in ethical and responsible ways.  

Behavioural science demonstrates that people's actions are largely driven by intuitive and automatic cues rather than rational and deliberate intentions. So it is only by paying attention to the affective side of human behaviour that we are able to deliver effective solutions to our clients. It is this behavioural focus which distinguishes us from other advisory firms: we put humans at the heart of our approach to strategy, ensuring not only that the ideas we propose are defined right in theory but also adopted in practice. We stand for innovative ideas, robust scientific methodologies, evidence-based approaches and, above all, truly open and transparent communication.

We are locally rooted and globally connected. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, we draw on a global network of professional and academic experts with diverse industry experience to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.




Affective Advisory Behavioural Advise Behavioral Advice Torben Emmerling


Torben is a behavioural scientist, designer and advisor with 10 years experience in strategy definition, organisational development, innovation management, market research and client relationship management. Prior to founding and managing Affective Advisory, Torben was Head of Professional Services for Rothschild & Co and responsible for the business development, project management and integrative collaboration with external service providers in Switzerland.

Torben holds an executive master's degree (MSc) in Behavioural Science from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). His awarded research has focussed on the effect of subliminal priming effects in human decision making. Moreover, Torben holds a master's degree (MLitt) in international business with specialisation in scenario thinking and strategy from the University of St Andrews and a bachelor's degree (BA) in business and economics with specialisation in financial management from the University of Basel.

Torben loves exploring the Alps and Scandinavia and is a passionate Alpine Skier. He speaks Swiss-German, German and English.



Affective Collective


Head of Behavioural Science at Oxford Risk
United Kingdom

Associate Fellow at Oxford Saïd Business School
PhD in Behavioural Decision Theory from Cambridge

Previously, founder of the behavioural consulting firm Centapse as well as Head of Behavioural-Quant Finance at Barclays, where he over one decade led the banking world’s first behavioural finance team.



Founder and Partner of The Decision Practice
United Kingdom

MSc in Behavioural Science from LSE
MA in European Culture and Society from Southhampton

Previously, Digital Marketing and Brand Strategist, Managing Partner of Dare during a time when it was recognised 6 times as Digital Agency of the Year and as Digital Agency of the Decade.



Assistant Professor at the London School of Economics
United Kingdom

Research Fellow in Behavioural Science at LSE
PhD and MPhil in Psychology from Cambridge

Previously, focussing on the role of approach and avoidance motivations in changing behaviour and decision making, applying complex statistical models to understanding unconscious influences on human behaviour.


Partner and Head of Social Impact Function at Aboab & Co.
Middle East

MSc in Behavioural Science from LSE
MBA from Berkeley

Previously, Manager at Unilever Arabia’s Food and Beverage
Consumer and Market Insight across MENA as well as Consultant at Bain and Company’s Middle East practice in Dubai.


Founder and Partner of Insight Applied
United States

MSc in Behavioural Science from LSE
MBA from Husson College

Previously, Deputy National Director of Voter Registration and responsible for the Maine state chapter for Americans for Prosperity, the Policy Director for the Maine Speaker of the House. 


Partner at The Preston Associates

MSc in Behavioural Science from LSE
BA in Business and Economics from Trinity College Dublin

Previously, Head of Global Equities at Goldman Sachs, leading a senior team servicing Goldman’s largest institutional clients across the US, UK and Europe to a number 1 rank across the industry. 



Affective Partners

We collaborate with selected partners around the globe, enabling us to offer world-class solutions in the area of behavioural finance, corporate culture and change management, public policy and executive training locally. While each of our partners specializes in a specific field of expertise, they all share the rare combination of extensive industry experience and sound academic insights from behavioral science. Watch this space as there are more collaborations coming soon.


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